Because NPR Hasn't Given Me My Own Show. Yet.

My talk with NPR's Melissa Block yesterday was only 9 minutes long, not nearly enough time to cover all the great music that's been released recently. If you're new here, a very brief guide is below, but if you're looking for more music for kids and families, here are some suggestions:

-- The Deedle Deedle Dees - Freedom in a Box: I do wish that I'd had a couple more minutes to talk about this band, a group of history obsessives who marry historical narratives (and some non-historical narratives) to fabulous, rollicking songs. (Review, interview with songwriter Lloyd Miller)
-- The Nields - All Together Singing in the Kitchen: A personal collection of family favorites (and a few originals) sung by a female folk duo recorded in an appealing ragged, lo-fi manner. (Review)
-- Gustafer Yellowgold's Wide Wild World (DVD/CD): This DVD about a yellow alien now living on earth has some great pop tunes (found also on the accompanying CD) and simple but arresting animation. (Review)
-- Sugar Free Allstars - Dos Ninos: Funky keyboard-and-drums duo lays down grooves set to songs about taking a bath, going to the zoo, and banana pudding. A bunch of fun. (Review)
-- Rocknoceros - Dark Side of the Moon Bounce: For the young'uns, to be sure, but sharp, simple arrangements and a sense of humor make this a great CD for the preschool set and their families. (Review)
-- Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang - Get Up and Dance!: Another CD mostly for preschoolers, Gwendolyn's enthusiasm and the musicianship of the Good Time Gang make multiple listens easy on the ears. (Review)
-- Asylum Street Spankers - Mommy Says No!: Some of the songs and humor will go right over the kids' heads (I hope), but there's a big heart here, too, and the Americana and roots playing is killer. (Review)