Kids Music? NPR? Yeah, That's Me.

Hey there to all of you visiting thanks to my discussion on kids music with NPR's Melissa Block on All Things Considered this afternoon. I really didn't expect you over here today, just look, the place is a mess. Dusty and everything.

Oh, well, always glad to have friends over.

Just in case you're new 'round these parts, in addition to writing here (I've got interviews, news, and well over 200 reviews here), my writing can also be found at Offsprung, the Land of Nod music store, and assorted other places on the web and print.

I'm also proud to be a co-creator of the Fids and Kamily awards, which determines the best of the year's music for kids and families by polling a number of critics and others involved with the kids' music business. My co-creators, Bill Childs of Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child and Amy Davis of the Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think, are good resources if you're interested in this stuff -- Bill and his daughter Ella have got a great radio show and Amy covers not only music but other kids' pop cultural stuff.

Don't ignore the other links in the sidebar to the right -- more radio shows, websites, and links to my posts here organized by artist or category, or even by age-appropriateness of the CD.

Thanks for stopping by. More great stuff appears weekly from places that continue to surprise me. For links to my reviews of the CDs discussed on the program, click below...
Peter Himmelman's My Green Kite (review, samples)

DeSoto Records' Play (review, samples)

Renee and Jeremy's It's A Big World (review, samples)

The Terrible Twos' If You Ever See An Owl (review, samples)

The Little Mo' McCoury CD won't be out 'til mid-August, and I haven't reviewed it yet. (Listened to it, yes. Reviewed it, no.) You can hear samples of the tracks here.