Everyone Who Likes Preschool Fundraisers, Raise Their Hand

Thought so.

Since before we joined it, our kids' co-operative preschool has eschewed a yearly fundraiser for a flat "fundraiser fee." Now, why they just don't increase the actual tuition by 10 bucks a month is beyond me, but that's probably just a clear indication of why I don't have a bright future in sales.

And given the virtual 24/7 fundraising our daughter is now asked to participate in through her (public school) kindergarten ("Mom, they say we need to order pizza tonight or they can't keep our music teacher"), I can assure you that the simple check-writing the preschool approach entails is a vastly superior approach. (Again. Not a retailer.)

Having said that, if my neighborhood preschool actually put together a spring fair that included, among other things, sets from The Hollow Trees, the Squeegees, and Ellen & Matt, I'd probably go. Which means, if I lived in Silver Lake and my kid(s) attended the Neighborhood Nursery School, I'd probably attend their Spring Fair on Saturday May 19.

As a side note, the "about" section for the fair says "No Bounce Houses, no corporate sponsors and no plastic bottles." Now, I'm with 'em on the plastic bottles, but why does NNS hate bounce houses so much? Bounce houses rule.

Also, "no corporate sponsors?" Does that mean there are preschool fundraisers in LA that have corporate sponsors? Do companies fight to sponsor the pony rides?

Like I said, Not. A. Retailer.