I'm Not Bill Graham. Yet.

I don't really want to be a concert producer.

I just want a cool concert poster with my name (or this website's name) on it.

Well, I'm still not a concert producer -- and there's nary a poster in sight -- but I'm helping my great neighborhood record store host a show this weekend.

Stinkweeds Record Exchange is holding a Saturday Singalong this Saturday (May 5th). They did a small number of kid-friendly singalong shows a while back at their old Tempe location, but with my instigation, they're restarting the series. Saturday Singalong version 2.0, I guess. And it happens to be during Stinkweeds' 20th Anniversary celebration (as well as the 1st Anniversary of their next-door neighbor, Frances), so there will be a definite party vibe going on. (Well, above and beyond the fact that it's Cinco de Mayo, which is about 2 or 3 years away from overtaking St. Patrick's Day as the national drinking holiday.)

So if you're in the Phoenix area, stop by at 11 AM Saturday for an hour of free music from Dario's Magic Bus. (Sorry, no Myspace page or website. How retro.) Weather promises to be not so hot (in a good way), and they have a lovely and slightly shaded patio. Do join us.