One Final Ralph Covert Interview

OK, I think I've given Ralph Covert enough Ralph's World web space over the past two or three weeks to last quite some time, but Bill points out that Covert will be on today's (Wednesday's) All Things Considered.

Update: From NPR's daily rundown highlighting a piece from the next show (that'd be today's) - "In Ralph Covert's world, songs about psychic cats and happy lemons co-exist with songs about grumpy parents. He talks about his latest children's CD and how he writes songs for kids, adults and himself."

Update #2: Based on today's rundown, listen at around 50 minutes past the hour (which one depends on when your local station picks up the show) to hear the interview with Michele Norris live. Or just go here at 7:30 Eastern time to listen to a Windows Media Player version of the show (along with 3 tracks which if you're reading this you almost certainly already have). Or e-mail the heck out of the story and eventually it'll end up on NPR's most e-mailed stories list and possibly show up on an iTunes podcast.