This Is The Last Time I Talk About the Brooklyn Weekend

OK, I actually spent last weekend with my wife and away from the kids, which was very relaxing. And fun. Amazing how long of a conversation you can have.

But it's also clear that last weekend's Spare the Rock / AudraRox hootenanny and the Park Slope Parents concert in Brooklyn was a blast. So to stave off any thoughts of jealousy I'm only going to provide the links here once.

Yeah, I know Gwyneth beat me to this, but I blame that on laziness on my part, not lack of creativity. Besides, for some reason I can't explain, some of you still aren't reading her site. You people. (Besides, I've got some new stuff here, too.)

-- The artist list for Saturday night, along with a picture from Bill. (Edit: More thoughts and pictures here. Warning: Takes for-freakin' ever to load.)
-- Amy's inital thoughts here, with pictures from both concerts here.
-- Gwyneth's thoughts and photos.
-- Yosi's thoughts and a few photos.
-- Warren weighed in.
-- Hilltown Familes made the trek -- here are their photos (those may be gone -- try here instead). Also, Hilltown Families also put together a sweet collage.
-- Photos of Saturday's hootenanny here, from Susan Fox, who clearly left early because, you know, she was putting on Sunday's concert.
-- A video of Audra and Jen from AudraRox doing "D is for Drums" with Marty Beller [warning: very large file]
-- Speaking of Sunday's concert, see a long slideshow with a fun though unrelated rendition of "Enjoy Yourself" here. Note: Adam from Astrograss just let me know they played "Enjoy Yourself" as a group finale.
-- Here is another slideshow with (studio) versions of songs from the compilation.

Now to check in on the other hootenanny/fests in the works...