Seattle, San Francisco... Anyone Else Want To Host (or Play In) a Kids Music Festival?

Well, spurred in part by my challenge to the West Coast to come up with some hootenannies and kids' music festivals of our own, at least two people have offered to organize something:

Eric Herman doesn't even live in Seattle and is offering to organize something for Northwest-area artists. (Live in Vancouver? Portland? If Eric can drive 4 hours, so can you!) If interested, drop Eric a line at ericATbutter-dogDOTcom (you'll obviously have to unSPAMify that e-mail address).

Loyal reader Deb in SF has also offered to organize an event in the Bay Area. If you're in the area, contact Deb at
debraunATsbcglobalDOTnet (again, unSPAMify that).

Are any of you interested in traveling out to Phoenix? You know how to reach me...