Sox? Rox? No, Rex.

Yeah, so that whole Diamondbacks - Rockies series didn't go well for this Diamondbacks fan. Can't say that the Rockies played awesome, but they sure played better than the D-Backs.

So as with any fan who watches their team completely blow their big chance, I felt a little down, like I needed some headbanging. By, uh, dinosaurs. Playing, uh, "This Old Man."

The animation is rudimentary, and I'm probably missing 95% (OK, 99%) of the references in the video, but as far aping metal cliches, Rockosaurus Rex has got it down pat. For more, check out their Myspace page, which includes a new demo song, a version of "Hush Little Baby" which is 100% guaranteed to not get your baby to sleep.