Brandon Reese: the Next Giselle Potter?

I was sort of sad when the Welcome to Ralph's World CD came out, and Giselle Potter didn't do the cover illustration. Not that the new cover was bad, but I always thought that Potter's drawings had a verve and quality that telegraphed the essential "this is not just thrown together" feel that helped the Ralph World CDs do well.

ChangingSkies.jpgWell, perhaps the kids music genre finally has another illustrator it can call its own. North Carolina-based illustrator Brandon Reese has not just one but two kids-music-related projects for two very cool bands. The first project is the cover for the Jellydots' new CD, Changing Skies. It's my favorite CD cover of the year.

Beyond that, Reese also designed the new logo for Squirrel Mechanic Records, Lunch Money's homegrown label. Go here for a peek (scroll down about halfway). Very whimsical.

I know, I know, album art is probably on its way as everybody gets all down-loady, but I hope that doesn't happen for a long time...