In Case Justin Roberts Is Looking For Album Ideas...

Eric Herman's blog has been both consistent and consistently entertaining since its inception. All that's missing is mp3 sound clips.

Oh, wait, now he's taken care of that, too.

Eric's recent post on where ideas for some of his songs came from was a particularly fun read. The music geek in me likes to read about the process of songwriting and being a musician, and the post has that in spades (plus lots of sound clips).

If that weren't enough, the post has, without a doubt, the best Photoshop creation I'm likely to see on a kids' music-related website this year. Go there just to see the picture (and read the whole thing to figure out what it's supposed to be).

If 2005-2006 was the year of the "Wolf" bands, 2007 should be the year of the Sock album. Go for it, Eric.