Introducing the Non-Cast

For a variety of reasons, there are family-friendly Kickstarter and other crowdfunding projects I'd like to feature but just can't do it in podcast format. 

Why should that stop me from promoting them, though? 

So I'm going to start mentioning them occasionally here on the website.  They'll be brief mentions, not much more than a summary, but if you're enjoying what you're hearing about, I think you'll like reading about some of these items, too.  We'll call it the "Non-Cast."  Hope it helps you find even more cool projects.

Hello, iTunes!

I'm starting to get the hang of getting into iTunes.  If you go to this link, you'll be automagically directed to the iTunes Store page for the podcast.  As always, I'll ask that you please subscribe and rate and review the podcast, no matter what your opinion -- subscriptions and ratings help the podcast's visibility in iTunes generally.

And if you use something besides Apple's Podcasts app (such as, say, iTunes on your computer) you can always enter this link direct into your podcasting app:

Thanks for listening.  More interviews on their way!

Welcome to Bake Sale

The first Kickstarter project I backed was Elena Moon Park's Rabbit Days and Dumplings, a family music album of songs from East Asia.  Besides the album having a Dan Zanes pedigree, always a good sign, it had personal meaning for me.

It took me awhile before I really got into crowdfunding and Kickstarter generally, but now I'm a big supporter.  While I like Kickstarter, I think the site does a poor job of highlighting projects for kids and families.  They have a children's book category, but no children's music category, and there's no other easy way to find projects targeted at the younger set.

I'm hoping to change that just a little bit with this new show.  I'm going to feature creators of Kickstarter projects pitched for kids and families while their project is underway.  So if you've got a young 'un in your life, I hope you'll tune and find projects they (and you) can enjoy.