Welcome to Bake Sale

The first Kickstarter project I backed was Elena Moon Park's Rabbit Days and Dumplings, a family music album of songs from East Asia.  Besides the album having a Dan Zanes pedigree, always a good sign, it had personal meaning for me.

It took me awhile before I really got into crowdfunding and Kickstarter generally, but now I'm a big supporter.  While I like Kickstarter, I think the site does a poor job of highlighting projects for kids and families.  They have a children's book category, but no children's music category, and there's no other easy way to find projects targeted at the younger set.

I'm hoping to change that just a little bit with this new show.  I'm going to feature creators of Kickstarter projects pitched for kids and families while their project is underway.  So if you've got a young 'un in your life, I hope you'll tune and find projects they (and you) can enjoy.