Robot Turtles: Board Game Designed To Teach Programming

Project Title:  Robot Turtles: The Board Game for Little Programmers

Creator:  Dan Shapiro

Description:  As soon as I saw this project, I thought it would do well and while my kids are a shade too old to get much out of this, I am a minor backer, one of the first.  I did, however, think I'd get a chance to interview Shapiro for the Bake Sale podcast.

That was before he'd attracted more than 3,700 backers only about 72 hours into the project.  Shapiro -- a Google programmer who took some time off this summer to develop the game -- is gonna need all the time he can get fulfilling the project without spending time talking to me.   So I'm just going to plug it here.

What is this thing that's become a raging Kickstarter success?  It's a board game designed (subtly) to teach programming concepts.  Turtles and debugging.  Awesome.