Laurie Berkner: Lullaby CD


Project Title:  Laurie Berkner is making a Lullaby Album

Creator:  Laurie Berkner

Description:  I'm hopeful I'll be able to chat more with Berkner about the project, but for those of you glued to the Bake Sale site, I wanted to make sure I pointed out this brand new project from the kindie superstar which will fund the recording of her brand new album, an album of lullabies.

Berkner has funded all of her previous albums herself, so it's not like she absolutely needs Kickstarter for the finances -- rather, I suspect it's a way to make it easier upfront and to engage fans as part of the process.  And, little more than 30 hours into her project, she's already cleared $10,000.  For the Laurie Berkner fan in your life, there are a bunch of nice, reasonably-priced rewards.