The Ketchup Report, Vol. 5

Back with another list of random notes from around the kids music world... -- I'm a fan of Symphony Space's Just Kidding series, even 3,000 miles away, but I don't typically talk about single shows in that or any series. Having said that, I have it on good authority that Elizabeth Mitchell is planning on attending the Lunch Money Just Kidding concert on Saturday, January 29 (at 11 AM) and make a "guest appearance" for some songs. NYC fans, I expect you to be there -- not to be missed, I'm telling you. -- Continuing in the category of single shows meriting mention, if you're not tired out after the Lunch Money show (or if you're busy that morning), there's another show in NYC that afternoon. It's an event called "KIDS ROCK!" -- it's a big 'ol benefit concert for KIDS NEED A MELODY, which provides developmental music classes to young children living in the shelter system. It's also Saturday the 29th (from 1 to 4 PM) at Crash Mansion in the Bowery in NYC. It's hosted by Bob McGrath and will feature performances by Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck, Suzi Shelton with guitarist Steve Elliot, Jeremy Plays Guitar, The Fuzzy Lemons, Joanie Leeds, and Baze and His Silly Friends. Not bad, eh? -- Moving out of the city (sort of), word from Florida's Mr. Richard that he's leading David Weinstone's Music For Aardvarks classes in Orlando. Mr. Richard isn't the first kindie musicians with his own career to participate in these types of classes. Audra Tsanos has done MFA classes in NYC for years, Rebecca Frezza got her start doing Music Together, and Enzo Garcia is another. But Mr. Richard, who's definitely on the shortlist for the title of hardest-working guy in kids music, may be the first to join those types of classes after starting his own, independent kindie career. -- I noted this on Facebook yesterday, but the first video from Moona Luna is up. You can watch the currently exclusive video here (or just go straight to YouTube here). -- Frances England has a whole bunch of creative resolutions (designed very, er, creatively of course) and not only that she's pulled in a bunch of creative resolutions from folks like Caspar Babypants, Drew from Recess Monkey, Joe from the Okee Dokee Brothers and lots, lots more. Worth a perusal. -- Finally, in the category of self-promotion, Australian newspaper The Age dips its toes into the world of Australian kindie music and picks out the two best, Holly Throbsy and The Mudcakes. (It also cites this site, but not in a policeman-sort-of-way. The good way.)

Video: "Hey-O" - Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck with Roscoe Orman

One of my favorite tracks off of Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck's new EP Rockin', Rollin' and Ridin' is "Hey-O," which features Roscoe Orman, AKA Gordon from Sesame Street. I suppose this would've been more appropriate last week when everybody was doing the whole 40th anniversary Sesame Street thing, but, oh, well, it's still cool watching Orman and Frezza trading lines from the song with enthusiasm (except for the part where, you know, it's supposed to be super-quiet). Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck with Roscoe Orman - "Hey-O" [YouTube]

Video: "Big Truck" - Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck

It's pretty simple, really. There's a big yellow truck goin' down the road. It's a long road. Rebecca Frezza drives the truck, the band piles in the back. (They're standing and playing instruments, which seems like not the safest method of travel, but the truck is animated and smiling, so I guess it's OK.) Lots of colors, cute animation, and a flute solo. Not complicated, but it works. The video's also on the band's new EP, Rockin', Ridin' and Rollin', out later this fall and which features Sesame Street's Gordon, Roscoe Orman, on the cool, instruction-following "Hey-O." Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck - "Big Truck" [YouTube]

Video: "Spooky Dance" - Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck

Only about 48 hours or so before the window shuts on the usefulness of Halloween-themed videos, but Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck have slid through, with a live video posted of "Spooky Dance." The antenna-ball-headed, angel-winged backup singers are, like, the least scary monsters ever, but they give their own spooky dance a good shot. Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck - "Spooky Dance"

Laboring To Finish This Post...

It's late, and thanks to a monsoon thunderstorm wreaking havoc with the internet connection, it's later than I wanted this to be, so I'll be brief... First, I have two posts coming up early this week that I'm very excited about. One involves virtually no work on my part (no, that's not why I'm excited about it) and is a sequel of sorts to a prior post. The other involves quite a bit of work on my part and, well, I don't want to spoil it. Just don't miss it. Second, I wanted to make sure I highlighted some stuff around the web I've been meaning to link to... 1. Reader Gwyneth has started a Kids in Atlanta website highlighting kids-related musical events in Atlanta. It's very thorough, and I think it's a great example of what people can do to make it easy for the public to find out about kids' musicians. 2. Reader Suzanne (I thiiiiink) Gwyneth also is now operating a "Live365" radio station entitled "Gooney Bird Radio" , playing some artists familiar to this website, along with the occasional foreign language and poetry. 3. Thanks to The Lovely Mrs. Davis, who mentioned this site to Christopher Noxon, author of Rejuvenile and its associated blog, and thanks to Noxon for noticing. (Go back to the old site, and you can find the reviews for Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang and Captain Bogg and Salty, both of which draw mention in Noxon's book. They'll get posted here soon, too. Really.) You can read Mrs. Davis' review of the book here. And finally, thanks to both Charity and the JAMband and Joe McDermott, who both linked here recently. McDermott, incidentally, just won the Children's section of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for "Great Big World" (no, not the Hoodwinked version) and will have a new album coming out soon. OK, and really finally, Milkshake and Rebecca Frezza videos for PBS Kids here. There. That oughta hold ya. Come back soon, though, I promise it'll be worth it.

Just Because You're Paranoid...

... don't mean they're not after you. Or, as Nirvana might say, had they turned their attention to a kids' music blog instead, just because information is in a ever-so-slightly-over-hyped press release or newsletter, doesn't mean that it's not actually news. Here, then, some recent PR news. For each artist, you decide which statements are true and which are false. Justin Roberts: With a spiffy new website (including the Willy Was a Whale video from Noggin), why wouldn't the Today invite him and the Not Ready for Naptime Players to play on Aug. 22nd? (That's, uh, tomorrow!) Katie Couric's coming back just to see him! Laurie Berkner: With a spiffy new website (not including the Willy Was a Whale video from Noggin), why wouldn't Good Morning America invite her and the Band to play on Aug. 26th? (That's, uh, Saturday!). And she's going to be on the Fisher Price float in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And there's going to be a 65-foot inflatable Laurie in the parade, too! Milkshake: Will be seen on PBS Kids and Discovery World ("ToddWorld") with new videos and new music. They will also be appearing on C-SPAN2 providing musical commentary on U.S. Senate coverage. Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck: Will also be appearing on PBS KIDS with new videos. Christopher Walken will appear in their next video. (C'mon, I'd pay to see Christopher Walken in a video for "It Wasn't Me!")