Monday Morning Smile: "Kitty Fight Song" - Joe McDermott

This song from Austin's Joe McDermott is so over the top -- the AutoTune, the rapid stylistic changes, the "K to the I to the T T Y" -- that you would think that there's no way the video could top it. You'd be wrong, of course, as it's just a giant LOLcat video. Or at least, it's what I believe a giant LOLcat video would look like if I bothered to search YouTube for LOLcat videos, of which I'm sure there are tens of thousands. Which I don't. I swear. If you watch just one LOLcat video this year, make it this one. Joe McDermott - "Kitty Fight Song" [YouTube]

Family Music Meltdown 2 Preview

I've written a lot about the Austin Kiddie Limits stage at this weekend's Austin City Limits Festival, but I'd be derelict if I didn't mention Family Music Meltdown 2, the show Bill and I are throwing early Saturday night at Ruta Maya Coffeehouse. Five great Austin bands for just five bucks. That's a great band per buck (or for free if you're an infant). Regardless of how you spell it, it will rock. The set order will be as follows: Super Pal Universe (acoustic) Mr. Leebot Telephone Company Laura Freeman Joe McDermott and the Smart Little Creatures There's no better excuse to keep your kiddos up late than to have 'em dancing 'til 9 PM. Heck, even if you can only stay for an hour or so, it's a heckuva deal. For more details on these fine Austin artists, read on...

Family Music Meltdown 2: Return of the Poster

FMM2.jpgEverybody loves cupcakes, blowing out the birthday candle, and most of all, great music. Jay from Lunch Money outdoes himself (last year's poster) with this, the poster for this year's Family Music Meltdown. (Though the type is sorta hard to read in this JPG version, it looks awesome in its 18 MB glory.) Saturday, Sept. 27th -- doors at 5, show at 6, and tickets just $5 (infants free). With Super Pal Universe, Joe McDermott and the Smart Little Creatures, Laura Freeman, Telephone Company, and Family Music Meltdown name-creator Mr. Leebot. (And who knows who else might show up?) Woo. Hoo.

Austin Kid's Day, A Recap

Ah, Austin, a city I've called home (or home-away-from-home, or home-away-from-home-away-from-home) for well over twenty years. Which means that I'm entitled to feelings of "when-the-hey-did-they-build-this-thing?," even if I was just there a couple months ago. Driving from the airport to the Glenn at the Backyard, site of the first Austin Kid's Day, held this past Labor Day weekend, I was constantly amazed at the width of the freeways and the number of power centers I passed. (Of course, this being Austin, many of those power centers are tastefully tucked in behind some trees so they're not nearly so noticeable from the road.) I take that brief detour (metaphorically) to suggest that Austin, while it might have been able to put together a music festival 20 years ago, it certainly wasn't at the point where it might have supported a long afternoon of quality kids' music.

Our Little Evening of Music Now Has a Name

Remember I told you that Bill and I would be hosting a really cool kids' and family music show on Saturday, Sept. 15th in Austin? Really, with the Deedle Deedle Dees, Joe McDermott, the Telephone Company, and Laura Freeman? How could you forget? Anyway, we have a name for the evening of music, seeing as how "Austin Kiddie Limits" and "Kidzapalooza" were already taken: the Family Music Meltdown. The title comes courtesy of Austin-area musician Mr. Leebot. (Thanks!) And if you're gonna be in Austin that weekend, you need to join us. Well, not "need" as in you "need" air to breathe, but, y'know, it'll be lots of fun.

The Best Day in the History of Kids Music?

Fifty years from now, will historians look back on Saturday, September 15, 2007 as the day that was the best day in the history of kids music? Well, of course not, silly, that's just hyperbole. But it's gonna be pretty darn cool. In addition to the fine artists performing at Austin Kiddie Limits that day, Bill and I are proud to be hosting a fantabulous all-ages show at Austin's Ruta Maya coffeehouse. Starting at 6 PM, you'll get to hear sets from Laura Freeman, the Telephone Company, Joe McDermott, and -- all the way from Brooklyn -- the Deedle Deedle Dees (with a full band, no less). And we'll end the show by 9 PM. Your kids will be guaranteed to sleep for 10 hours straight after all the dancing they'll do. (Note: Guarantee not valid in all 50 states.) The cost for this show is a stunning $5 per person, with infants getting in for free. At that price, buy two tickets! We'll have more details as we approach the day of the event, but if you're anywhere near Austin on the 15th, come on down and join us. The show will be a blast.