Kindiefest 2011: Artists' Showcase in Video and Pictures

Be it SXSW or Kindiefest, there are different reasons to see an artists' showcase at a music conference. You can see your favorite bands, or perhaps bands you're familiar with but are curious to see and hear them live. And sometimes you stumble upon a new favorite. The Kindiefest 2011 artists' showcase on Saturday night was for me a combination of all three, which suggests how well the lineup was put together. Now, I should note that though the lineup featured several artists I'd consider my favorites, I'd never actually seen any of them perform live. (That would have to wait for Sunday's public performance, for whom I'd seen half the lineup live.) But as someone who puts together shows here in the Phoenix area, that live aspect is important to me. This summary is long, but I encourage you to skim the entire thing, you never know when you'll find your new favorite artist. IMG_5210.jpgThe lineup kicked off with Billy Kelly and the Blah Blah Blahs, faced with the unenviable task of starting the show while everybody filed back from dinner or a run to their hotel rooms. That and selecting from a bunch of great songs. They went meta ("This Is The First Song" -- they should close with that one day), sweet ("Family Garden"), doubly sweet ("Pen Pal," duetting with Lunch Money's Molly Ledford), and classic ("The Legend of Johnny Box"). The last song featured none other than Johnny Box himself, played by... well, let's just say by someone very familiar to Zooglobble readers. Good stuff. IMG_5216.jpgFrom there it was on to The Pop Ups, whose set was basically a very abbreviated version of their PASTA! musical. Were there puppets? Yes! Were there apes in capes? Yes! Was there lots of hand-clapping? Yes! Was there lots of pasta? Well, you'll just have to see the musical for yourself to see the answer. But it's hard not to see how the musical would be very popular with the 5-year-old set. The Pop Ups - "Pasta" [YouTube] But we were just getting started, with six more artists to go...

Kindiependent Ironically Not Independent At All

Share the Music poster_lowres.jpgAt Kindiefest a couple weeks ago, one of the few sustained conversations I had was with the guys from Recess Monkey. We talked about how the key with the kids music genre is the continued sharing -- rather than fighting over limited pieces of a pie, try to make that pie bigger so everybody gets more. Especially if it's pecan pie. Mmm, I love me some pecan pie. But I digress. Anyway, the guys in the band said they'd been working with some of the other Seattle kids music bands to try to cross-promote their shows and music, but they didn't reveal their secret weapon, which is the most awesome name: Kindiependent, which almost makes me like the whole "kindie" name which I've never fully been able to embrace. It's a Seattle kids music collective featuring Recess Monkey, Caspar Babypants, The Not-Its, Johnny Bregar, and the Central Services Board of Education. Check out the cool poster art from Kate Endle (Chris Ballew's wife, who's also done both Caspar Babypants covers) -- with help from Johnny Bregar and Jack Forman -- for a show on June 13th. It's the record release party for RM's The Final Funktier -- apparently it's going to be one seamless set where each band's set overlaps with the one preceeding it. So, yeah, Seattle's totally going all for one, one for all, 5 Musketeers-style. (And maybe more, once other Seattle folks get the word.) Other areas might be thinking the same thing, but Seattle's taken the visible step. And secured the website.

I Might Pay $8 Just For The Poster

It shouldn't be too surprising that the same band whose upcoming album art is pretty cool would also have cool poster art for a big ol' benefit show they're putting together. Yeah, Seattle's The Not-Its have put together a pretty awesome poster for "Timeout To Rock," which is being billed as "Seattle's First Annual Children's Music Festival." (I dig the positive attitude assumed in that billing.) If it were just a single-band show benefiting Juvenile Diabetes research, I probably wouldn't post about it, but since the poster's gone public and has a pretty awesome lineup -- the Not-Its, Recess Monkey, Caspar Babypants, and Central Services Board of Education -- I thought I'd share. (Seriously, folks, think about the assorted Seattle-area artists not performing -- Johnny Bregar, Eric Herman, the Harmonica Pocket, Eric Ode -- and try to come up with another locality with as many vital performers. Maybe NYC, and that's it.) Anyway, that awesome lineup will be playing Saturday, June 27th starting at 11 AM at Seattle's Vera Project. Tickets are just $8/person, $25/family. Such a deal. Make it if you can. And pick up a poster for me. (Poster after the jump.)

KidVid Tournament 2009: The Jimmies vs. Central Services Board of Education

It's the first day of second-round matchups in KidVid Tournament 2009. This matchup features the Ella Jenkins Region's top seed, The Jimmies' "Cool To Be Uncool," from their Make Your Own Someday CD and upcoming Trying Funny Stuff DVD, going up against Central Services' Board of Education's video for "The Lonely Tomato" off their self-titled debut. Comments welcome below, but what counts is the poll at the bottom of the entry. All votes due by midnight tonight (Monday) East Coast time. One vote per household, please. And play nice. The Jimmies - "Cool To Be Uncool" Central Services Board of Education - "The Lonely Tomato"

KidVid Tournament 2009: Barenaked Ladies vs. Central Services Board of Education

Our other matchup in the Ella Jenkins Region for KidVid Tournament 2009 is a matchup of the #2 seed vs. the #3 seed. It's the Barenaked Ladies' "Pollywog in a Bog" (from their album Snacktime!) going up against Central Services' Board of Education's video for "The Lonely Tomato" off their self-titled debut. Comments welcome below, but the videos and the all-important official poll are after the jump. All votes due by midnight tonight (Monday) East Coast time. One vote per person, please. And play nice.

Video: "The Lonely Tomato" - Central Services Board of Education

I've long, long, long been a fan of Central Services Board of Education and especially their song "The Lonely Tomato." So now that the band's done a video for the song featuring animation from Seattle animator Galadriel Liceaga, you think there's anyway I'm not going to mention it here? Of course not. (I dig the mult-spectacled tuber.) Central Services Board of Education - "The Lonely Tomato"