Welcome to My Other Other Gig


I've started a new podcast called "My Other Other Gig."  Unlike Kindie Week in Review, which up 'til now has almost exclusively featured me talking to myself (and, sometimes, our dog, asleep in the corner of the office) about kids music, this podcast will feature conversations with people about non-kids-music-related items.

The name is based on the idea that a lot of kindie musicians and folks in the field got into it as their sideline, their "other gig."  And while for some them, it's now their full-time thing, I've often found in talking with them at events like Kindiefest that their obsessions are, as you might expect, broad and not limited to kids music or even music generally.  They've got lots of other other gigs.

This podcast wants to explore those fields with those interesting people.  Themes like creativity and passion and time management will reoccur throughout the series, but I figure, where else are you going to hear about opening a shuffleboard hall and being a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan in the same podcast?

So I hope you'll stick around and subscribe.  Thanks in advance for listening.