"Little Bitty Baby (A Cumulative Song)" - Elizabeth Mitchell and Friends


Artist: Elizabeth Mitchell and Friends 

Song: "Little Bitty Baby (A Cumulative Song)" 

Album: The Sounding Joy 

Description:  As a general rule, I have a strong aversion to listening to Christmas and holiday music when it's more than 100 degrees out.  Such is the occupational hazard of a music reviewer in the Sonoran Desert.  But I'm willing to make the sacrifice for Elizabeth Mitchell's long-awaited holiday album.  The Sounding Joy  uses songs from Ruth Crawford Seeger's out-of-print 1953 songbook American Folk Songs for Christmas .  Based on the song Folkways has posted for streaming, this seems like it's going to be a very festive and joyful album.  And, yes, it works even in 107-degree weather.

Source: Smithsonian Folkways  / Soundcloud