Not-an-Episode 2: It Was This, or Skip the Interview

Another in my occasional not-enough-time-to-record-an-actual-podcast podcast.  Same great information, but without my quick, velvet-y voice.  This week's winner -- Zooglobble readers, who'll get to read the interview that I conducted during my normal podcast recording time.

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Kickstarters: Amelia's (AKA Mil's Trills) Double Album Project on Indiegogo

Fun interview with Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (co-creator of Phineas & Ferb )

Daytime Emmy results (Ziggy Marley wins for best children's/animated song; David Tobocman and Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger also nominated) 

A Kindie Manifesto 


Upcoming Releases: This week -- Joanie Leeds and the NightlightsBandwagon , Lori HenriquesThe World Is a Curious Place To Live; Next week -- Princess Katie & Racer SteveLove, Cake & Monsters


Billboard Children's Music albums (July 6) Big Time Rush: 24/Seven, Kidz Bop 23, Doc McStuffins soundtrack  

Amazon Children's Music digital albums 33 Must-Have Toddler Classics, Kidz Bop 23, Kidz Bop 22 (Raffi Singable Songs for the Very Young #17)

iTunes Children's Music album chart Kidz Bop 23 Deluxe, Kidz Bop 24, 30 Toddler Songs (Raffi Singable Songs for the Very Young #10, Best of the Laurie Berkner Band #15)

Amazon Children's Music physical album chart 100 Singalong Songs, Kidz Bop 24, Doc McStuffins Soundtrack (Best of the Laurie Berkner Band #5, TMBG Here Comes Science #13, Raffi Singable Songs Collection #14)

CD Baby Kids Music album chart  Hide and Seek , Commander Salamander, Bully Bullied Bystander: Which Are You?, Dance To the Weather

iTunes Children's Music singles Elizabeth Mitchell "You Are My Sunshine pt. 1" #5, Raffi "Baby Beluga" #21

Amazon Children's Music digital singles Elizabeth Mitchell "You Are My Sunshine pt. 1" #11

Kids Place Live 13 Under 13 (June 21)