Episode 4: KidzBobs and SpongeBops

On this, the fourth episode of the internet's most popular podcast discussing kids music charts, I go through the standard set of charts, both albums and singles, propose the world's best (or worst) kindie crossover album, talk a bit about Kindiefest 2013 and the 2013 Juno kids music nominees, and suggest how this relates to the importance of you signing up for the Zooglobble Z7 newsletter.

Also, I mangle my French.


Billboard Children's Music albums

Amazon Children's Music digital albums

iTunes Children's Music album chart

Amazon Children's Music physical album chart

CD Baby Kids Music album chart

iTunes Children's Music singles

Kids Place Live 13 Under 13

Other News

Kindiefes 2013 keynote speaker

2013 JUNO Award Children's Music Nominees

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