Ep. 35: The Lazy Person's Kickstarter Clip Show

I won't be able to put together and record my regular 7-minute podcast this week, so instead I'm giving you a 77-minute podcast -- it's 3 separate interviews, full-length and uncut (down to the intros and outros), conducted in the past couple weeks or so with 3 kindie Kickstarter creators whose projects are drawing near an end.  So enjoy these discussions with Laura Doherty, Ann Torralba (Little Miss Ann), and Laurie Berkner.  Back next week!  


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Laura Doherty is recording a new kids CD: "In a Heartbeat"!

Laura Doherty

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"Follow Me" a Kids CD

Little Miss Ann

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Laurie Berkner Is Making a Lullaby Album Kickstarter project

Laurie Berkner 

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Laurie Berkner on Twitter

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