"Fall" - Orange Sherbet

Artist: Orange Sherbet

Song: "Fall"

Album: Delicious

Description: The next in the band's series of seasonally-appropriate food raps.  The bounty is here!  (Two or three days early, even.)

Source: Vimeo

"Stompy the Bear" - Caspar Babypants

Artist: Caspar Babypants

Song: "Stompy the Bear"

Album: Hot Dog!

Description: One part knitting, one part animation, several parts awesome.  If I introduced Chris Ballew to Charlotte Blacker, can I take an itty-bitty amount of credit for the resulting video?

Source: YouTube / Original post

"Wheels in the City" - Laura Doherty

Artist: Laura Doherty

Song: "Wheels in the City"

Album: Wheels in the City

Description: Collage meets chant.  The video has a very Shrinky-Dink feel to me.  (A good thing.)  Also a Sesame Street feel to me.  (Also a good thing.)

Source: YouTube