"Somos Amigos" - The Okee Dokee Brothers

Artist: The Okee Dokee Brothers

Song: "Somos Amigos"

Album: Saddle Up

Description: For the final album in their "Adventure Album" trilogy, the Okee Dokee Brothers headed west.  As with their predecessors, this album also features some guest stars, including Carlos Medina y El Trio los Gallos.  "Somos Amigos" is a simple bilingual folk song with a healthy helping of Tejano accordion, all of which is A-OK by me.  There's not much to the video -- the duo and the quartet playing on a bridge that straddles (appropriately, given the subject matter and approach) the Rio Grande (albeit in Colorado) -- but since the Adventure Albums have always been as much about the Brothers meeting others as their own individual adventures, that seems appropriate.

Source: YouTube

"Jackie Robinson" - Ellis Paul

Artist: Ellis Paul

Song: "Jackie Robinson"

Album: The Hero in You

Description: With the release of the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 this weekend, Boston folk troubadour Ellis Paul's tribute to the Brooklyn Dodger who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball gets a timely video that, in very newsreel-y fashion, provides a basic introduction to this American hero.

Source: YouTube