"One Love" - 1World Chorus

Artist: Aaron Nigel Smith and the 1World Chorus

Song: "One Love"

Album: Celebrating Bob Marley

Description: If I had to think of one artist or band whose songs have so totally permeated the culture, my first thought would the Beatles.  But I'm sure that for a lot of other folks, it might be Bob Marley.  Celebrating Bob Marley isn't the first album to use Marley's songs as the basis for a kids' album, but the fact that this album is a) being released by Ziggy Marley's Tuff Gong Worldwide record label, and b) features the 1World Chorus, which is led by Aaron Nigel Smith's 1World Chorus, featuring singers from the U.S., Jamaica, Kenya, and Columbia, lends this album a level of significance that other cover albums might not.  The video for one of Marley's most famous songs, "One Love" isn't complicated -- shots of kids singing, both in concert and "behind-the-scenes," but in its picture of kids from all around the world singing the song, it does Marley's request to "let's get together" justice.

Source: YouTube