"Bottle Caps" - The Laurie Berkner Band

Artist: Laurie Berkner

Song: "Bottle Caps"

Album: The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection

Description: With the release of a new greatest hits collection (think of it as Volume 2), Berkner is releasing a series of simple but well-done videos (here's "Drive My Car") featuring Berkner singing directly to her audience along with some other visual distractions -- in this case, the occasional cutaway to some vintage bottlecaps (or rocks in a box, or strings in some things... if you're familiar with the song, you get the point).  Nothing wildly creative, but very engaging for preschoolers.  I'd also note that these just look very competently produced -- if they eventually end on a DVD (or available via download), that would not surprise me one bit.

Source: YouTube