Could Come True - Timmy Abell

Could Come True cover

Could Come True cover

Artist: Timmy Abell

Album: Could Come True

Age Range:  5 to 10

Description:  It is neither praise nor criticism to suggest that this album could have been released thirty years ago.  It was more than a decade between the release of this album and its predecessor, 2005’s Little Red Wagon, (which I think is wonderful), and the touches that made that album distinctive -- the nifty instrumental work by Abell and his accompanying musicians, the gentleness -- are here as well.  (You can stream the album here.)  The North Carolina-based Abell embraces the folk sound that has taken a bit of a back seat in a new kindie world (though in its guitar work “Long Dark Shadow” sounds like Abell pilfered a Dire Straits song for his purposes).  This is an album that celebrates dreams literal (“Daydreams,” “The Garderner’s Dream,” “Nighttime Train”) and metaphorical (“Fellini”), and its sound will be a tonic for families looking for a respite from a busy world.  Recommended.

Note: I was given a copy of this album for possible review.