Turkey Andersen 2 - Turkey Andersen

Turkey Andersen 2 album cover

Turkey Andersen 2 album cover

Artist: Turkey Andersen

Album: Turkey Andersen 2

Age Range:

Description: The follow up "full-length" (at 18 minutes, it's barely 2 minutes longer than the debut EP) from the mysterious Turkey Andersen (could he be related to Northampton, Massachusetts musician Henning Ohlenbusch?) is every bit as whimsical as its predecessor.  I gravitate toward the sillier tracks, like the irrepressible "I'm Not Scared," whose narrator isn't scared of anything (e.g., ghosts)... especially in unrelated situations (e.g., in the supermarket juggling fruit).  But the dreamier tracks, like "Rhonda Bubbles" (which sounds like an ode to a toddler with a typically toddler-y mind of her own) and "What An Animal'll Do", have their own allure.

You can stream (and purchase) the 18-minute album here.  The mix of silly and sweet and pop-rock happiness is a very appealing concoction, perfect for the ride to and back from school.  Definitely recommended. 

Note: I was provided a copy of this album for possible review.