Toddlerbilly Riot! - Matt Heaton

Toddlerbilly Riot cover

Toddlerbilly Riot cover

Artist: Matt Heaton

Album: Toddlerbilly Riot

Age Range: 3-7

Review: There are lots of pop-rock albums in the kids music world, but the rockabilly sound on prominent display on Massachusetts-based Matt Heaton's new album is rarer, and perhaps the chief reason to recommend it.  Heaton does draw on other sounds -- "Down By the Bay" gets a Drifters-like "Down By the Boardwalk" update, and Heaton's Americana/folk music instrumental chops are put to good use elsewhere -- but the surf rock sounds on "Go Stop Go" and (most memorably, at least lyrically) "Don't Drink the Water (Your Butt's Been In)" are its most distinctive.  You can stream the 34-minute album here.  The songs don't attempt to change the course of kids music, but there's just enough of a different sonic approach to make it worth exploring.  Recommended.

Note: I was provided a copy of this album for possible review.