Trees - Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly

 Trees album cover

Trees album cover

Artist: Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly

Album: Trees

Age Range: 5 through 9

Description: I could probably write a thousand words reviewing this album from Lunch Money mastermind Ledford and the Pennsylvania-based Kelly.  Instead, I decided to review the album on NPR.  Trying to fit sound clips, host intro and extro, and narrative into about 3 minutes and 15 seconds tends to cut down on the number of words one can squeeze in.  Having said that, let me just say that I love this album -- the interplay between Ledford's sweeping palette and Kelly's precise and often humorous views, the interplay between Ledford and Kelly themselves, ably assisted by producer Dean Jones.  Kids will dig different songs for different reasons.

You can stream the entire album here.  I hope there isn't an album as good as this one this year, because I'm not sure my heart could take it.  Get it.  Highly recommended.