Beautiful Rainbow World - Suzee Ramirez, Lynne Raspet, Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou


Artist: Daria

BookBeautiful Rainbow World

Age Range: 2 through 5

Description: This is a simple concept -- take a song whose lyrics celebrate the diversity of people and add pictures of kids whose faces and clothes bring those lyrics to life.  You know how you can use Shutterfly or other photo services to create photo books of your family's year or big summer vacation?  This book feels a little bit like that, except it's for the entire world under the age of 10.  Black and white, color, stylized, documentary -- there are a range of photographic approaches in the pictures.  Young kids will enjoy looking at the many faces, both those that do and don't look like their own.  (And if you want a copy of the song that inspired it, there's link inside the book for a free download.)