Sea Blue Sea - The Whizpops


Artist: The Whizpops

Album: Sea Blue Sea

Age Range: 5 through 10

Description:  On their third album, the Whizpops continue to make science- and learning-focused music for eager elementary school students.  Now, I'm not sure what would possess a band located in landlocked Montana to write an entire album about the ocean and its inhabitants -- wistful dreaming, perhaps? -- but they've done just that on Sea Blue Sea.  If the range of subjects is narrow, relatively speaking, the stylistic range -- Hawaiian ukulele ("Manatee") to operatic show tune ("Anglerfish") to reggae ("Blue Whale"), to name three points on the spectrum -- is not.  Listeners are bound to find at least a couple songs that float their boat.  (So to speak.)

You can listen to the 38-minute album here.  With its Schoolhouse Rock-meets-high-school-marine-biology-course approach, the album won't be for everyone.  But it's a cut above most efforts to marry learning with grooving.  If that approach is for you, then this is recommended for you.

Note: I received a copy of the album for possible review.