Baby DJ - Luscious Jackson


Artist: Luscious Jackson

Album: Baby DJ

Age Range: 2 through 6

Description: In reviewing the album for NPR, I can't discuss this (or any) album in quite as much detail as I might normally.  So here are a couple of additional points to note:

1) The middle of the album is really solid stuff -- "Yeah Yeah No No," "Free," "Hula Hoop," and "Coconut Icee" are fun tracks that would sound just as good on an LJ album for adults as they do here.  The album is pretty much worth picking just for those 4 tracks.

2) Your mileage may vary when it comes to the first 2 tracks, "Freeze Dance" and "Baby DJ," and the last track, "It's All Goo."  They are definitely more jokey, silly, and goofy in nature.  I would not have sequenced the album in that way.  Definitely for the younger kids -- you may tire of them.

But overall it's a fun album, recommended, especially those middle 4 tracks.