Hola Hello - Mariana Iranzi


Artist: Mariana Iranzi

Album: Hola Hello 

Age Range: 2 through 6

Description: Argentina-born and Boston-educated, bassist Iranzi's 2013 album continues her Latin kindie rock career with Hola Hello.  The song topics -- the colors of the rainbow, modes of transportation, monkeys unable to stay upon their beds despite repeated warnings from their mother -- stay clearly in the preschool camp.  The songs themselves, however, with their mostly (not exclusively) Spanish lyrics and usually laid-back eclectic musical vibe, may also work for a slightly older crowd.  (I particularly liked the Bebel Gilberto groove of "Barquito de Papel" and I thought "Arco Iris" was a very good bilingual introduction to colors.  Listen to samples here.  The kids music market is now swarming with Spanish-language disks.  This is one of the better ones, particularly for a more modern, but not still Latin, sound.  Recommended.

Note: I received a copy of this album for possible review.