You Are an Astronaut - Human-Tim + Robot-Tim


Artist: Human-Tim + Robot-Tim

Album: You Are an Astronaut

Age Range: 3 through 7

Description: With a name like Human-Tim + Robot-Tim, you would probably forgiven if you were expecting this album to be all techno, a Daft Punk for kids.  Instead, this album, the second from the alter ego of Chicago-area musician Tim Knuth, might appeal more to fans of the rootsy Chicagoland label Bloodshot Records.  (Should the label ever wish to release a sequel to their classic The Bottle Let Me Down compilation, "Little Bob's Big Day" is a must.)  The title track is a nifty little metaphor in song, while "Hey Little Doggie" features some Southern rock riffs and a kid-centric song about pets.  With its songs about space, animals, and sharing (and, hilariously and educationally, the "Salivary Gland"), the 46-minute album is targeted right at kindergarteners and kids just on either side of that milestone.  Robots might like it, but your 5-year-old will like it more.  Recommended.