Chocolalala - Mister G


ArtistMister G


Age Range: 4 through 8

Description:  After recording a handful of Spanish-language songs on his previous albums, the Massachusetts-based Mister G goes all-in on his 2012 album.  The result is an album that gives his energetic folk-pop-rock a 90% Spanish spin.  The title track's got a fun sing-along chorus (it's great live), while "Señorita Mariposa" gently sways along. Listen to the whole album here.   For families seeking to expand their Spanish-language kids music collection, the album will definitely do so, but even those families who don't care about the album's bilingual basis will probably find a lot of the songs fit well in their daily kindie rotation.  Recommended.

 Note: I was given a copy of the album for possible review.