Love, Cake & Monsters - Princess Katie & Racer Steve


ArtistPrincess Katie & Racer Steve

AlbumLove, Cake & Monsters

Age Range:  4 to 7

Description:  On their fourth album, the New York duo don't vary much the formula from their first three albums -- shiny pop (/ska/alt-rock) with the occasional boost of self-esteem mixed in with some self-deprecating humor -- but it's a formula that works well for them.  They've got themselves a brand new song about being at a rock show ("Come On Out"), plus songs about hugging ("Hug It Out") and cooling off periods ("Take It On Over (Time Out)").  They also include their fancy (with a string orchestra and everything) not-too-spooky Halloween song, er, "Halloween" and the Beatlesque "Comet Pinky's Love Cake"  The album features 3 skit tracks, and while I am not a big skit fan, in this case the skits are somewhat amusing, don't overwhelm the music (with the last skit at the very end for easy skipping if necessary), and fit in with their overall approach to the music.

You can stream the album here.  I don't think the latest album will make any converts if your family has previously not gone for PKRS, but old fans should eat this up, and those families new to kids music looking for some attitude, empowerment, and occasional silliness will find this appealing.  Recommended.