Sing Loud! - Melissa Green

Artist: Melissa Green

Album: Sing Loud!

Age Range: Ages 5 through 9

Description: A muscular guitar-pop album from the Los Angeles-based Green.  A lot of the songs ("Baby, I Love You," the title track) could fit on an album not targeted at the elementary school crowd.  Brooke Shields (who knows her way singing around Broadway tunes for adults) makes an appearance on a couple tracks.  In fact, the specifically kid-focused songs ("The Playdate" or "Heyo") are the exception, not the rule.  Even the classic "Free To Be... You and Me" gets a propulsive arrangement that makes the original sound a little... weak.  It's my favorite of Green's albums, and families looking for a kid-friendly album that doesn't necessarily always sound like "kids music" may find this fits the bill.