It's Love - Ellen & Matt

Artist: Ellen & Matt

Album: It's Love

Age Range: 4 through 8

Description: The late-'60s/early-to-mid '70s references start with the cover art and continue on into the long-awaited second CD itself from the Los Angeles band.  Ellen and Matt Kennedy must have listened to more than a few Jefferson Airplane albums in their day, and Ellen's powerful voice carries rockers like the title track and "Playground."  This is not exactly a serious album -- the funky "Drive Thru" features the lyrics "Open the window / get ready to order ... / They take our order / they take our order / and then they take some time / to get us what we need."  And the biggest love song album is dedicated to the "Capybara."  But it's well done and for those families seeking a retro-sounding album of music of kindergarten-friendly themes, It's Love will be just, er, groovy.  Recommended.