Because I Said So! - Big Bang Boom

Artist: Big Bang Boom

Album: Because I Said So!

Age Range: Ages 3 through 8

Description: Filling the niche in your family's kindie CD collection for kindie jam-band music you didn't even know you needed filled, Chuck Folds' North Carolina trio successfully translates its energetic live act to disk with a surprisingly heartfelt set of songs.  "Make Me" is a rocking plea from the point of view of a kid who occasionally messes up and wants (gentle) parental guidance; it's one of my favorite tracks of the year.  Is the band making fun of the "Hippie Mom" or is it affecting teasing coming from a place of love?  (I think it's the latter.)  The band's got more of an attitude than a lot of kindie bands ("Are We There Yet" owes its debt to the Beastie Boys in more ways than one), which sometimes doesn't feel quite right on an album that features a counting song, but is right down the alley of older kids.  Listen to almost all of the 28-minute album on the widget below.  (Watch "Make Me" here.)

The band took a big step forward with the album, it's their best yet.  Recommended.