"Backyard Camping" - Ratboy Jr. w/ Dog on Fleas

This will probably be the weirdest kids' song you hear all week.  It's called "Backyard Camping," and somehow I'm not surprised that a candidate for "weirdest kids' song of the week" comes from the minds of Ratboy Jr. and Dog on Fleas (Dean Jones is producing the upcoming Ratboy Jr. album).  It's a goof, but a goof that evokes both the Dead Milkmen and Prince in its celebration of pitching your tent in your own backyard.

Originally released on, yes, cassette, it's now available in digital format for your free downloading pleasure.  (I don't want to call it a "cassingle" because my memories of those were that they came in cardboard packages, and my copy from the band came in the plastic "jewel case" format.)