The Best of Kids Podcasts from April 2017

I realize that we're about two-thirds through May, but we're still going to attempt to regularly update my list of the best or most noteworthy kids podcast episodes.

Now, if you want to get the background on how I'm using the RadioPublic iOS app to publish these lists, feel free to go back and read my list of the best of kids podcasts from March 2017.  But otherwise, just know that you can listen to these specific episodes from the RadioPublic app or right here by using the widget below.

There were way more episodes I considered or listened to than the (admittedly arbitrary) ten-episode limit I'm imposing on myself.  (Yeah, I know, it's listed as eleven -- I've got no idea why that extra Brains On! episode is sticking around at the end.  Think of it as an encore.)

I've got a feeling that this will quickly become a sampler as much as the "best," strictly speaking, but I won't steer you wrong, I promise.  With that, let's begin with the list from April 2017!  (Use this link to listen from the RadioPublic website.)

(In no particular order)

But Why: How Do Butterflies Fly? [Tons of questions about flight.]

Brains On: How Do Pianos Work? [I featured a piano-focused episode last month, so I can't skip this entirely different episode out this time!]

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: BeeBop's Family Tree [I'm sorry, I like Finn, but BeeBop is my favorite character. Probably your kid's, too.]

The Show About Science: Marching for Science and Extraterrestrials with Luoth Chou [It's not entirely fair that Nate is as good an interviewer, possibly smarter science-wise, and cuter than me.]

The Past and the Curious: Magic? Mesmer, Fox Sisters, Robert-Houdin, I'll See You in My Dreams [Glad that this history podcast (with some music thrown in) is now available here on RP. It's like magic!]

Ear Snacks: Extra: Tree Family (Happy Earth Day!) [A brief and occasionally silly discursion on trees.]

Stories Podcast: Soft: The First Dog (Part 1 of 3) [The first of a three-part series, a well-told story about the first friendship between human and dog.]

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel: Cargo [The first episode of Season 2 for this Peabody Award-winning show. Of course this makes the list.]

What If World: What if Legos were alive? [What if Legos were alive? Here is a different approach from what the LEGO Batman movie says.]

Book Club for Kids: Counting by 7's by Holly Goldberg Sloan [Besides the episode generally, I like the fact that you can count to 42 by 7s.]