Top Kids and Family Podcasts (May 2016 Chart)

Last month I debuted a chart of the top-ranked audio podcasts.  Nearly a month has passed since that effort, and I thought it was time to check in and see how much it had changed.

As it turns out, to some extent, yes, but not dramatically so.  Many of the kid-focused podcasts that were at the top of the iTunes and Stitcher kids and family charts in April are there still, but others dropped out of one or the other, while other podcasts found their way.

Before I provide the list, I should note again that this is a blunt instrument, combining pure rankings from two fairly opaque charts, and for a variety of reason should not solely be used as a measure of quality.  But I do think it's interesting to see which podcasts are breaking through in some way to more than a niche audience.  (Results compiled from Top 100 podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher "kids and family" charts on Thursday, April 12, 2016.  Podcasts that appear on both charts are listed with numbers; remaining podcasts only appeared on one list.)

Also: pssst.

1.  Brains On
2. (tie) Stories Podcast
2. (tie) Storynory
4. Tumble
5. Story Pirates
6. Story Time
7. Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Others (listed alphabetically): 1001 Classic Short Stories and Tales, Activated Stories, Adventures in Odyssey, Barefoot Books, Book Club for Kids, But Why, The Children’s Corner, Classics for Kids, Family Folk Tales, Little Stories for Tiny People, Molly and the Sugar Monster, Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome, Podcast Kid, Spare the Rock Spoil the Child, Sparkle Stories, The Story Home, That Story Show