Sneak Peek: Turkey Andersen 2 - Turkey Andersen

Turkey Andersen 2 album cover

Turkey Andersen 2 album cover

Today I'm trying out something new, and that's giving you, dear readers, an opportunity to listen to an entire album before it's even released.

That's right, we're living in the future.

The album you'll get to hear is from the mysterious Turkey Andersen.  You might remember him from his debut self-titled album, of which I wrote that its "combination of TMBG quirkiness and songwriting with Jonathan Richman-esque earnestness and vocals is pretty much instantly appealing."  I also declared it one of 2015's top debuts.

So I was glad to hear new music from him, and so soon after the last one.  Turkey Andersen 2 is one of those comparatively rare sequels like The Godfather 2 or Toy Story 2 that is every bit as winning as the original.  From the yearning jangle-pop of "I Like To Be Surprised" to the '60s pop-rock of "I'm Not Scared" to the dreamy "Rhonda Bubbles," the 7 tracks combine the absurd and whimsical into packages that should earn big fans with small (in stature) audiences.

Anyway, Turkey Andersen 2 is set for release on February 19, but for the next week, I've got the the United States exclusive stream of the album.  At 20 minutes in length, it's the perfect playtime break, so if your family likes what they hear, you can preorder via the widget below.