Listen To This: "Hold On to Your Dreams" - Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips (World Premiere)

Hold On To Your Dreams

Hold On To Your Dreams

Let's hear it for those artists who figure out what they want to do, outline a plan to achieve those goals, and then actually follow through.  (I say that as someone who has both succeeded and failed in doing so.)

Mista Cookie Jar has been releasing a single per month since fall 2014, and his latest single, "Hold On to Your Dreams," is his seventh in a row.  That's pretty impressive for music releases.  This new track has a different sound than a lot of the uptempo, electronic, soul stuff he's more known for, but CJ suggests that maybe it's his "Appalachian/country roots? --  [his] parents are Filipino but [he] grew up in Alabama/West Virginia before [he] became an LA dude LOL."  The song is a hoedown duet with Miss Tembra Campbell that CJ's been working on for years at backyard bonfires and late night jam sessions, so unsurprisingly its message of hard work and dedication feels lived-in, earning the use of the pots, pans, and pickle jars as accompaniment.

I'm pleased to provide the world-premiere of the stream -- listen below, and click through if you'd like to buy.

Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips - "Hold On to Your Dreams" [Bandcamp]