Best Kids Music of 2014: A Summary

Well, it's been a week of looking at my favorite music for families from the past year.  For those of you who have missed the breathless reviews on Good Morning AmericaThe Tonight Show, or with your favorite YouTuber (Stephen Colbert no doubt thought about bringing back The Colbert Report just to talk with me), well, OK, there were no breathless reviews.

But I think people liked the effort.  I will note, however, that, based on a quick review of the posts (albums, debuts, singles, and videos), that there were maybe 48 artists represented in my lists.  That sounds like a lot -- it is a lot! -- but it's also at most 20% of the kids music I heard.  There are plenty of artists making good music for kids that just didn't make my list.  I like to think that I've got a reasonably broad set of tastes, but I've also strongly believed that having a distinctive point of view regarding music has helped make this site worthwhile.  I wouldn't want to publish a list with 148 artists -- that would be so broad as to be useless -- but would I appreciate artists 49 through 60 noticeably less than whomever artist 48 is?  No.

I guess what I'm saying is, there's lots of great music out there, even if they're not on one of these lists.  So, enjoy the lists, and hopefully you discover something new (or rediscover an old favorite of your family's).