Listen To This: "Pretty Little World" - Michael and The Rockness Monsters (World Premiere!)

Pretty Little World single cover

Pretty Little World single cover

There will always be a need for simple pop songs for pure pop kids, and I've got one such song for you today.

The song's called "Pretty Little World," and it's a single from the upcoming 2016 debut album from Michael and the Rockness Monsters titled, well, Michael and the Rockness Monsters.  Which is just a long way of saying that it's the first album meant for the general public from Michael Napolitano, founder of the Preschool of Rock.  The New Jersey/New York-based program provides music classes and birthday parties for, um, preschoolers (and younger ones).

In any case, this song is gentle with a spirit of wonder.  Also, it features bells.  I love the bells.  If you want to grab a copy of the single for your very own, you can do so on iTunes and Amazon.  Or just stream the rainbow goodness below.

Michael and the Rockness Monsters - "Pretty Little World" [Soundcloud]