Kids Songs About Dogs

It's been awhile since I've done one of these themed lists, but as has been the case with much if not all of the material here over this site's 10+ years of existence, this list is personally inspired.

We lost our older dog Duke earlier this week after a brief fight against a tumor, and shortly afterward, Lunch Money's "I Want a Dog" ran through my mind.  As someone who came to dog ownership later in life, I can't say that I ever went through the stages of pleading the song's narrator goes through ("I would name him Caspar…").  But singer Molly Ledford's wistful voice seemed appropriate for my (and our family's) emotional tenor.  "Duke" (or "Titus," the name of our other, much younger, dog) seems like a suitable name as well.

So here's list, though I'm sure I've left one of your favorites out.  Won't you help out?

Lunch Money - "I Want a Dog"

Raffi - "Doggone Woods"

Dwight Yoakam - "I've Got a Dog"

Billy Kelly - "Oh My Dog"

fleaBITE - "Dogs' Day Out"

Duplex - "Dog With a Sweater On"

Bunny Clogs - "3 Dogs and a Pancake"

Dan Bern - "Clark the Dog"

The Nields - "Dog on a Ball"

Heidi Swedberg and the Sukey Jump Band - "My Dog Has Fleas" [OK, that might be a bit of a stretch]

The Primate Fiasco [and many others] - "Doggy in the Window"

Pete Seeger - "Little Dogies" [again, that's a stretch, but, c'mon, Pete Seeger!]

The Thinkers - "Walk Your Dogs"

Laura Veirs [and Peggy Seeger] - "Little Lap Dog Lullaby"

Kira Willey - "Black Dog in the River"

Dan Zanes and Friends [and many others] - "Walkin' the Dog" [once more, a stretch, but, y'know, "Walkin' the Dog!"]

Laurie Berkner - "The Great Big Dog"

Caspar Babypants - "My Flea Has Dogs"

Caspar Babypants - "Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone

Johnny Bregar - "Blue Dog"

Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - "I Had a Little Dog"

They Might Be Giants - "Hot Dog!" [see above re: "a stretch"]

Split Lip Rayfield - "The Weasel, Bean, Frog and Dog"

Parachute Express - "Me and My Dog"

La Kabala [and many others] - "Underdog"

Dick Cavett - "My Dog Is a Plumber"

Peggy Seeger - "Little Brown Dog"

Bears and Lions - "Good Boy"

Jamie Broza - "I Like Dogs"

Jamie Broza - "I Want a Dog"

The Hipwaders - "My Dog Steve"

Jesse Olsen Bay - "Doggy in the Diner"

Michelle Campagne - "The Little Blue Doggy"

Jefrey Au Go Go - "Peter the Pushy Puppy"

Owen Duggan - "Puppy Dog Jig"

Mr. David - "She's a Good Dog"

Sandra Boynton - "Dog Train"

Nat Johnson - "Dog"

Django Jones - "Smallest Breed"

Billy Jonas - "What Kind of Dog Are You?" [again, stretching this a bit…]

Barry Louis Polisar - "My Dog's Name Is Cat"

Human-Tim + Robot-Tim - "Hey Little Doggie"

Andrew and Polly - "When You're a Dog"

Duke Otherwise - "Dog Without a Tail"

Ralph's World - "Puppy Dog"

Ralph's World - "A Dog Named Bruce"

Hullabaloo - "Diamonds and Dogs"

Tom Freund - "I Walk the Dog"

DidiPop - "Wonder Dog"

Steve Weeks - "My Dog Ate My House"

Brian Vogan - "Gray Dog"

Justin Roberts - "Every Little Step"