Listen To This (World Premiere): "I Can I Can" - The SqueeGees


It's been awhile since we heard from Los Angeles-based band The Squeegees.  Their first album, Meet the SqueeGees, was the longest introduction ever, as it essentially was released in different forms three different times.

But songwriters Samantha Tobey and Pierre de Reader and their band have a new album recorded, ready to be launched into the world.  It's called Veggie Soup, and I'm happy to present the world premiere of one of the new album's tracks, "I Can I Can."  The track's got a nifty singalong chorus targeted at your favorite 3- or 4-year-old.  Yes, I will be disappointed if there isn't at least one enterprising librarian or preschool teacher who doesn't choose to pair this song with a reading of The Little Engine That Could.

The band is hoping "I Can I Can" can also be translated as "We Can We Can" as they've launched a Kickstarter project to help crowdfund post-recording costs of the album.  (You've got  'til October 8 to join in if you'd like.)

Regardless of that campaign's success, you can enjoy "I Can I Can" right here.