Radio Playlist: New Music March 2014

Since the February playlist was posted so early last month, this March new music playlist has a lot of stuff from February (see the actual February playlist here).  Never fear, though, that just means there's stuff from March to put on the April playlist.  As always, it's limited in that if an artist hasn't chosen to post a song on Spotify, I can't put it on the list, nor can I feature songs from as-yet-unreleased albums.  But I'm always keeping stuff in reserve for the next Spotify playlist.

Check out the list here or go right here if you're in Spotify.

**** New Music March 2014 (February 2014 March Playlist) ****

Nick Bayard – You Can't Learn It All On the Internet
StarFish – Black & Blue
Heidi Siegell – Sleepy Little One
Dog On Fleas – Hinterlands
Jazzy Ash – Throw Me Something Mista
Rainbow Beast & The Rock Band Land Rockers – Ice Girl (With Serpent Swimmers)
Laura Doherty – Drum Kit (feat. Glenn Kotche)
Freckles – Be My Friend
Stacey Peasley – Summer Day
Rhythm Child – Looking Over